Crime and Justice in Society

Crime and justice—we need them but there are times when society doesn’t quite play fair with them. Society today is very different from what it was ten or 15 years ago and, at times, crime and justice within society is viewed with a very different view than what others would do. The truth is, these two things are not what we view them as and there are some who find they are not always equal.

They Can Be Blurred

Sometimes we blur the lines between crime and justice. We can sometimes believe what we do is right and think the justice system will agree with us but that is not always the case. Society doesn’t look at everyone with the same view. Society judges what we see or hear rather than wait until the evidence is presented. Is that fair? It’s not overly fair but it does happen and more and more face this each and every day. Right now, there are people who blur the edges between crime, justice and society. It’s not ideal but it does happen and that is the real problem at hand.

Not all Criminals Are Punished Appropriately

Society does play a part in how someone is punished for a crime they commit. For instance, if society is very much behind the person accused, there can be some sway when it comes to punishment. For example, a celebrity can be accused of drink driving but because of public outcry and support their punishment can be different from someone who isn’t a celebrity and is sent to jail. Is that fair? Well it’s not but that is the way the crime and justice system in society works today. Not all criminals and crimes are punished equally or, at times, appropriately.

Society Wants Change in the Justice System

When two people are charged with the same crime but one gets a far lighter sentence than the other, there is outcry. Why are people treated differently for the same crime? Yes, circumstances may be different but does that really mean one deserves more than another? If a murder is committed, should someone be allowed to serve only three years while another is serving 30? That is a real sticking point for society today and that’s why more people want a change to the justice system. Crime and justice are two elements of life but if they are not working in harmony, it’s troublesome. More balance in crime and the justice system is needed. More details here:

Society Is Changing Justice and Crimes

Crimes have been changed because of society and while that might sound strange, it’s true. Society has really changed the way crimes are committed and there are newer crimes which are overtaking the more popular crimes. It’s the same with justice and the justice system; society has been responsible for changing it all and it’s really great. However, not all changes are for the best. Society is forever changing and that will also change the way crimes are committed and how the justice system runs to.