Legal Personnel of South Central Wisconsin (LPSCW)

A professional association for legal services industry employees.


Affiliation: The name of this association is LEGAL PERSONNEL OF SOUTH CENTRAL WISCONSIN (“LPSCW”).  It is chartered by NALS, Inc. . . . the association for legal professionals (“NALS”) and is affiliated with the WISCONSIN ASSOCIATION FOR LEGAL PROFESSIONALS (“WALP”). 

Charter: LPSCW was granted its charter by the National Association for Legal Secretaries (International) on April 1, 1967 as the Madison Legal Secretaries Association.  It is a non-profit association.  Its name subsequently changed on April 14, 1976, to the Dane County Legal Secretaries Association; changed on April 12, 2000, to the Dane County Association of Legal Personnel; and changed on May 1, 2003, to the Legal Personnel of South Central Wisconsin (“LPSCW”) (reflecting the merger of Dane County Association of Legal Personnel and Rock County Association of Legal Professionals) 


At a glance... LPSCW currently has members from the counties of Dane, Rock, Jefferson and Columbia.  Legal education workshops, seminars and professional courses are offered by the local, state and national associations.  Each year the Legal Personnel of South Central Wisconsin presents a scholarship to a student based on need, ambition and merit for the purpose of furthering his/her education in any legal field.


LPSCW members meet once per month during the months of September through June on the second Wednesday of each month, generally.  It is governed by its own bylaws, and its programs are based upon the purposes of NALS and WALP.