Legal Personnel of the Southern, Central, and Western States (LPSCW)

Many people have a basic understanding of our nation’s federal laws and policies. We know that it’s illegal to evade taxes, to physically harm others, and to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Knowing the fundamental laws can keep you out of trouble, but if you ever find yourself in need of an attorney, having a deeper knowledge of your state’s legal system will be helpful.

The LPSCW was developed to provide information on state laws for the southern, central, and western United States. Written by legal personnel throughout these three regions, we want to help our fellow residents delve deeper into politics on the state level. That way, if they ever find themselves faced with a legal situation, they’ll be more prepared.

Not only does having a comprehension of laws and policies at a state level allow residents to feel more confident in their personal legal situations, but it can also inspire people to be more politically active in the future.

Change begins with a single step in the right direction and our hope is to open that door by making relevant information available to people of the South, the Midwest, and the West.

What We’ll Cover

On this site, we’ll keep up to date information on state laws within the specified regions. Some of the fields of law we’ll cover include taxes, family law, personal injury law, and criminal law. Whenever changes are made within a state’s processes or policies, we’ll tell you about it here. That way, you don’t have to feel pressure to find out about it yourself.

If you ever find yourself in legal trouble, you don’t need to be alarmed if you haven’t stayed up-to-date on politics in the past. The great thing about the LPSCW is that all of our information is stored here for you to read whenever you need it. You can also look here to find recommendations for attorneys in your area that can provide professional legal advice when reading just doesn’t cut it.

Our Mission

The LPSCW doesn’t intend to offer any direct legal advice or recommendations. We simply want to better inform the public on the state laws that are in place and allow citizens to use this information however they see fit. Whether you’re in need of an attorney, are looking to become more involved in politics, or just want to be able to interpret what’s happening on the news, we’re here to help.